Angeline Madriaga

Angeline is a reliable HealthCare Virtual Assistant from the Philippines. She graduated with a Degree in Psychology & Guidance Counseling from St. Scholastica’s College Manila.

She has an immense background in customer service for over 5 years providing clients with efficient and prompt service, particularly in healthcare services. She has experience in providing prior authorization and insurance verification to providers based in the United States. Familiar with customer service software and conflict resolution, she possesses a positive attitude and deliberately does anything. Without a doubt, it is her hard work and passion to excel that got her off to a great start making her such a valuable resource to the company and all those around her.

Now starting a venture at Alleviant Health Centers, she wants to establish the groundwork for a successful and lucrative workplace that maintains the utmost confidentiality for providing overall quality healthcare and exceeding patients’ expectations with the company.