15 Ways to Heal Depression Naturally

For years, many people have believed that depression requires medication. Most people who take anti-depressants resign themselves to years, or maybe even a lifetime, of medication dependence. While standard medication has its undeniable place in stabilizing moods, we know that there are many natural ways [...]

Mary’s Story: Hope for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Mary’s voice was trembling on the other end of the phone. “Hi,” she said. “I’m just calling because I saw a guy on the news earlier who was talking about your clinic.” “That’s great!” I answered, “What can I do for you?” “I need some [...]

Every 40 Seconds

Approximately one million people commit suicide every year, averaging one suicide every 40 seconds. Suicide kills a friend every forty seconds, a father every forty seconds, a mother every forty seconds, a son or a daughter every forty seconds. Suicide kills people of all races [...]

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