Jannette Murillo

Jannette Murillo received her Associate’s degree for Registered Medical Assistant in 2008 and is currently working towards her bachelor’s for Business Allied Health Management. She has been working in the medical field for over 10 years, helping patients have a seamless and pleasant experience: from scheduling, checking in and out, billing, translating, checking vital signs, managing referrals, and more.

Jannette is excited to join the Alleviant team as the Alleviant goals and core values really inspire her and she is eager to share this excitement with the community. She enjoys helping others and looks forward to helping people learn to manage their mental health and live a healthy life.

In her spare time, Jannette likes to spend time with her kids, family, and friends. She enjoys family gatherings and outings to the park, lakes, and going out of town. She has a lovely daughter and a son and enjoys traveling with them as well as doing arts and crafts and having movie nights.