Jeffrey Rains, MD

Dr. Rains grew up in Wichita, Kansas, and jumped straight into the workforce after graduating from high school. He owned a hardwood flooring company and worked as a mail carrier. After ten years of work, Dr. Rains paused to contemplate his next steps in life. He resigned from the postal service and traveled around the country in a van for several months, staying at national parks and enjoying time for introspection.  

He concluded that he wanted to pursue a career in medicine and promptly enrolled at Wichita State to earn his undergraduate degree. He then completed medical school at the University of Kansas, where he discovered that psychiatry was a natural fit. He enjoys being a “medical detective” as he studies the nuances of each patient’s situation and determines the best solution.

After medical school, Dr. Rains matched for an internship and residency at UAMS in Little Rock, Arkansas. He has practiced as a psychiatrist for more than 20 years in Searcy, Arkansas. He worked as the Medical Director for the adult psychiatric unit at Unity Health Hospital and lead the change to convert the unit to Clearview Geriatrics. Dr. Rains also established a private practice in Searcy.

Dr. Rains is a curious and results-driven physician who gives his patients practical tools. He is passionate about practicing meditation since adopting it in his personal life has changed his outlook completely. “One of my missions in life is to teach people how to realize the benefits of meditation,” he believes. “It’s a blessing to be in a helping profession. It’s the best thing in my life.”

When he met the Alleviant team, Dr. Rains was immediately drawn to the ethos and vision of the company. “Coming here was an easy decision – it’s like Disneyworld for a psychiatrist. These modalities help to have a higher quality of life and the results are going to speak for themselves.”

Outside of work, Dr. Rains enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He is also an avid golfer and pilot and plans to own a plane someday so he can easily take trips to visit his children.