Kailah Tidwell, MS, LAC

Navigating our world can be difficult. The unspoken expectation for us to “get it all done” is anxiety-inducing at the very least. It feels as if you are constantly being pulled in multiple directions at once, and striking a balance seems impossible. I enjoy helping my clients uncover a sense of direction within their uncertainty.

While pursuing therapy can be terrifying, I can assure you that I will show up ready to listen and willing to give you honest, straight-forward feedback. I’m deeply passionate about working with women who are navigating difficult transitions, as well as individuals who are sifting through issues related to race, spirituality, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

I received my Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Central Arkansas. My approach to therapy is client-centered and focuses on tailoring therapy to fit the needs of each individual client. I challenge my clients to identify patterns that may be holding them back and work alongside them to make useful and empowering changes.

I am excited to work at Alleviant because I believe that a holistic approach to healthcare is vital for providing the best care to clients.