Keith McCormack

Keith earned a B.A. in Psychology and then furthered his education in the radiology sector of nuclear medicine technology and computed tomography (CT). He has almost 20 years of service in the healthcare field working directly with patients. He loves interacting directly with the patient and having that opportunity to offer some way to help. He was born and raised in Arkansas but has lived in a few other states throughout his adult life. He is happy to be back home. Keith has a variety of certifications in fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle management. He has worked with athletes in both a fitness and performance capacity. He also has experience coaching people on holistic principles to improve and regain wellness. 

Outside of work, he has been married for almost 17 years to his wife, Jami, and loves spending time with her, family, being outdoors, and doing any sort of exercise or fitness challenge he can be talked into.  

Keith jumped at the opportunity to join the Alleviant Health team and is excited that every day he has the opportunity to lift someone up who may be feeling down. He truly believes the saying that says, “No one is meant to do life alone”. He loves being the one at times that gets the chance to remind people of that.