Kip Neuhoff, CRNA

Kip Neuhoff is a successful anesthesia provider, business owner, and educator. He has extensive experience in open heart and neuroanesthesia and is now looking forward to healing hearts and minds as a clinician at Alleviant Health Centers.

After graduating with a bachelors of science in nursing from the University of Memphis, Kip earned an advanced degree in anesthesia from the Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia (MTSA). He has worked in a variety of settings as an anesthesia provider. In 2007 he started a successful independent anesthesia practice, which he continues to manage. He served as a faculty member and clinical instructor at MTSA from 2002-2007.

In 2018, Kip decided to further his career by opening an Alleviant clinic with his colleague and co-owner, Crystal Koss. He looks forward to taking on the new challenge of treating people who are emotionally injured, distressed, weary, and overwhelmed by depression. “I strongly believe that the emotional illness of modern society has been overlooked and under-treated,” he says. “Many people with Depression and PTSD do not receive the help they need, as our system is not capable of handling the increasing demands of society. We want to treat our patients like every one of them is our family.”

The Neuhoff family all share a passion for healthcare. Kip’s wife has had a very successful career in pain management, treating thousands of patients every year. Their three children have chosen careers as a dentist, a healthcare accountant, and an air evacuation helicopter pilot. Kip also enjoys flying helicopters; along with scuba diving, martial arts, and German Shepherds.