As we know, unity between mind, body, and spirit is when your brain (thoughts and decisions) work hand-in-hand with your heart (emotions) and body (actions you take). And when we are talking about achieving it or embodying it, we are looking at fundamental work in all areas of life. In this post, we have identified 5 steps to achieve and master unity: brutal honesty, radical acceptance, aligned action, finding and using our internal filter, and mastering this concept until we no longer have to think about it. Here is a little bit about each step.

1. Brutal Honesty 

In order to achieve a state of internal unity, we must be brutally honest with ourselves. As only when we are honest, we can create the life we truly desire. If we keep dismissing our feelings of dissatisfaction with something or someone, we are only perpetuating the same situation. On the other hand, when we are honest with ourselves, we can create truly meaningful change.


Look around your life. All areas of your life. How do you feel about them? Health, body image, yourself in general, family, friendships/social scene/fun, romantic relationships, work/business, money, spirituality/religion? Be really honest with yourself, and write down your feelings corresponding to each area. 

2. Radical acceptance 

This is by far the hardest step, but also the most liberating and empowering. When we accept our life as it is and process all the emotions that come up in response, we become free to create meaningful changes and life that we desire overall. 


Look around your list and take it all in. If difficult emotions come up, breathe through them, do what is necessary to process them comfortably, they will eventually pass. Remind yourself that all is well. You are alive, you are breathing, and that means you still get a chance to create the life you desire. When you reach the state of acceptance and letting go, you will feel lighter, your mind will be clear and ready for decision-making. 

3. Aligned action

From here, you are ready for action. Action is what grounds spirit into the body. When you engage your body into action that is aligned with your heart’s desire, you fill your life with meaning and purpose. And the faster you act after realizing what needs to be done and really feeling it in your core, the stronger the momentum you will create.


Looking around your list again, what do you need to do in order to get each area of your life to feel the way you want it to? Write it down by the corresponding area of life. If you do not know what to do yet, keep it blank, the answer will come to you when the time is right. 

4. Internal Filter 

From here, you are in action mode. As you go about your life, implementing all the changes you have set out to make, you will encounter a lot of distractions. Use your internal filter to determine whether a person/situation is in alignment with you and where you are trying to go, or not. If it is, it will always add value to your life, and if it’s not, it will take away your focus, your energy, your time.

5. Mastery

When you go through this process over and over again, it will become second-nature to you. And the more you practice the better at it you will become: you will learn to hear your heart clearly, to let your emotions pass through your body faster and more efficiently, to not be distracted away from the course you have set out for yourself. And over time, it will become a part of your identity and you will no longer need to think about it.

We know, it might seem like a lot, and in all reality it is, but when this fundamental work of internal alignment is done, life becomes light and fun, the direction is always clear, we do not waste any energy on things that bring us down, and focus on multiplying the happiness we have. We find our personal power, we feel whole and free.