Tuesday, May 5 | 6 PM – 7 PM


Movement is life. When we move our bodies, we revitalize our every cell, we activate deep breathing that cleanses our body from pent-up emotions, we clear our mind from the never-ending chatter.

During this online event, Stacey Humphreys Reynolds of Blue Yoga Nyla will teach us how to reach the state of unity of mind, body, and spirit through yoga and how to move energy through our bodies to remain healthy and at peace with ourselves and the world.

She will also explain what happens if we do not move energy, where in the body do emotions get stuck, and how to release them.

Stacey is the president and operator of Blue Yoga Nyla Inc. and BYN Registered Yoga School. She is an ERYT500, C-IAYT, RPYT, and RCYT. Her own journey to yoga originated from a place of healing. There was something about the practice that was vital to her breaking free from health issues and a lifelong history of anxiety and depression.

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