Coping with COVID: Turn Fear Into Hope

Tuesday, April 7 | 6 PM – 7 PM


In this time of uncertainty, it can be very easy to get caught up in anxiety, fear, and panic. When our usual life seems shattered, we are all forced to adapt to this new normal.

But while we can not control the pandemic, the spread of the virus, or the timing, we can still control our mindset – the way we choose to view what is happening.

During this free Zoom call, Dr. Lawlis, a Psychiatrist and Chief Clinical Officer at Alleviant Health Centers will offer his help and guidance in navigating this challenging time and provide you a multitude of ways to turn this challenge into an opportunity and turn fear that might be present now into joy.

Tune in on Tuesday, 04/07 at 6 PM to get relief, inspiration, and practical advice on how to make the best of this quarantine. Enter your email below to get the link to join the call.