Beginning ketamine infusion therapy might seem like an overwhelming or daunting process. It’s a potentially life-changing investment, so we want you to be as well-prepared as possible. We’ve come up with a short “to-do” list of tasks that will help you feel ready to go!

Research. For many, ketamine infusion therapy is a new concept. Researching its history, process, and success rate will give you a sense of confidence as you make the right decision. We recommend starting with our website and browsing the resources we have compiled. Take some time to watch our patients tell their stories, too. Another excellent site we recommend is the Ketamine Advocacy Network.

Talk to a loved one. It’s paramount to have a supportive friend or family member involved in the infusion process. Whether it’s a spouse, a parent, a close friend or a roommate, make sure that there is someone who can walk this journey with you. In addition, you’ll need a driver to pick you up after each infusion, so see if any of your loved ones has a flexible schedule to help out with transportation.

Talk to your provider. We are passionate about coordinating with your existing team to provide optimal care. If you do not have a mental health provider, you are welcome to request an appointment and establish care with us. No referral form is necessary.

Consider talk therapy. Many of our partnering psychiatrists say that ketamine infusions provide an ideal time to engage in talk therapy. Ketamine increases neuroplasticity in the brain, helping you feel more open-minded and clear-headed. If you already see a therapist, schedule an appointment or two during or shortly after concluding therapy. If you don’t see a counselor, this is the perfect time to start! We want you to get the most out of your ketamine infusion experience.

Check your schedule. Infusions require a significant investment of your time. For most diagnoses, it’s best to get six two-hour infusions done within two weeks. In addition to the time spent in the clinic, you will need at least several hours after each infusion to rest. Consider environmental stressors at work or home that impact you, and if at all possible minimize them during therapy.

Call the local clinic. Each Alleviant clinic will have a slightly different intake process. Get in touch with the clinic manager to find out details of lab work, pricing and financing options, and consultation needs.

The Alleviant team is on your side and we will celebrate each step you take in your journey of healing. We’re always happy to answer any questions that arise as you consider ketamine infusion therapy!  You can reach us at 1-866-951-HEAL.