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Brian Mears, CRNA

Founder, President & CEO

Brian has been an avid and well-established clinician since 1997. He thoroughly enjoys all aspects of patient care and the business of medicine. He has owned, operated, managed, and consulted in numerous successful entities. Additionally, he is a consummate team player who understands and exults the positive attributes of each team member. He loves thinking outside the box and is a true visionary.

As a life-long learner and educator, he constantly seeks improvement. He became attracted to anesthesia-based procedures for chronic mental illness in 2014. Since then, he has devoted his life to improving access to mental health providers, shortening appointment wait times, improving treatment protocols with a focus on integrative & holistic care, and improving quality of life for all those suffering with mental illness and chronic pain. Patient centered care is his mantra, as Brian believes that every business decision should begin with the question, “How will this benefit our patients?”

He believes it is his responsibility to make the world a better place by improving the lives of others. Alleviant is built for this reason.

“Alleviant is designed to find and treat the root cause of the illness. I care so much about people who are suffering, that I believe it is my responsibility to share our clinical environments and knowledge to everyone burdened with conditions we know how to treat. The mission and vision of Alleviant is to be a change agent that uses all techniques: new, old, traditional, holistic, Eastern, and Western that improves the lives of those suffering. The human experience is only optimized when we are healthy mentally, physically and spiritually. I believe since all humans are unique and complex, we must perform an individualized approach to therapeutic intervention, and one healing strategy does not fit all.”

Under his leadership, Alleviant is positioned to improve access to care across the United States, decrease overall health care costs, decrease opioid consumption, and resolve root causes leading to mental illness and chronic pain conditions.

Brian has extensive experience in both academic and private practice settings. He has served in the United States Army Reserves for 22 years and is a veteran of Operations Enduring Freedom and Freedom Sentinel. He has been happily married to his beautiful wife, Leilani for 20 years and he has 3 wonderful children.