For Patients

If you do not have a mental health provider, you are welcome to request an appointment and establish care with us. No referral form is necessary.

It’s easy to come to Alleviant Health Centers for adjunct therapy, such as TMS or Ketamine Infusions. If you already have a relationship with a mental health professional, all we need is for your current provider to send a referral form to our intake center or use the customized form on our website. Please keep in mind that our clinicians at each Alleviant location will conduct a diagnostic evaluation to determine the best plan for you.

For Providers

We value collaborating with you to create an individualized treatment plan for your patients. Whether you’re a Primary Care Provider or caring for your patient’s mental health or chronic pain, we will work with you to coordinate care and create the optimal therapy experience for your patient.

Please download our Provider Referral form below. After you’ve filled it out and faxed it to us, our intake coordinators will communicate directly with your patient.