Kiara Page

Kiara Page is a patient support specialist/proceduralist at Alleviant’s Fayetteville location. A graduate of the University of Mobile, she holds bachelor’s degrees in studio art and history. Kiara began her career in health care working in rural primary care.

“I found I loved to be a first point of contact for patients,” she said. “I enjoy being able to provide a positive experience. I love to rejoice with them during their successes. It is wonderful to have the ability to watch patients grow into themselves and get to a point where they can enjoy their lives and flourish once more.”

Known as warm and welcoming, she smiles often to try to inspire happiness around her.

Originally from California, Kiara’s family moved to northwest Arkansas in 2010 to be closer to family.

Outside of work she can be found reading the newest books in cafes and libraries or covered in paint and clay in her art studio.

“I am a painter with a passion for portraits and a ceramicist with a love of illustration.”

Kiara and her partner have two cats, Adelaine and Jango, and a corn snake, LaVerne, which is very curious and loves to explore.