Molly Magee

Molly Magee is a patient support specialist at Alleviant’s Fayetteville location. She came to Alleviant in 2022 after previously working in health care in a minimal access surgery and urgent care clinics.

Molly said Alleviant and its providers care deeply for their patients and make a pronounced effort to provide a safe and inclusive space for everyone who walks in the door.

“I have the privilege of seeing the majority of our patients on a regular basis. It makes me so, so happy when I get to see someone find a successful treatment plan,” she said. “Getting to see someone flourish gives me a joy like no other. I have had my own mental health struggles, and I know the relief that comes with finding a provider who is truly in your corner and wants to see you thrive. That kind of support can go a long way.”

Described as bright and bubbly, she said the most enjoyable part of her job is being surrounded by so many amazing individuals, patients and colleagues alike.

“I have never been a part of such a supportive work environment,” she said. “I look forward to coming to work every day, and that is a blessing.”

Molly is a northwest Arkansas native who has a cat and a guinea pig. Outside of work she enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, and writing.

“I enjoy learning about spirituality,” she said. “It’s a very big part of my life.”