Everyone wants to know what it’s actually like during an infusion. The most common descriptor by patients is best summed up by a single word: “weird.” To give you a better picture, think about your TV. With modern day technology you can control many aspects of your TV. You can adjust the aspect ratio, making the images wider or taller, you can adjust how loud or soft the volume is and even from which direction the sounds come, whether that be from your left or right or all around you. You can adjust the brightness and the vividness of the colors, you can stop an image in middle-frame, play it in slow-motion or even kick it up to double-speed.

During the active phase of a Ketamine infusion your perceptions of your surroundings may go through changes similar to adjusting the settings of your TV. You are safe and comfortable, just as you would be sitting at home watching your favorite show. The experience of the sights and sounds around you, however, may appear to change or distort. Though this will certainly be an odd sensation, you will remain in a completely safe environment and the experience will only last briefly during the active stage of the infusion. The dissociative experience itself is not what we intend to cause; however, it is presently an unavoidable part of the therapy due to the level of activity we must achieve in the brain to help it recruit the receptors needed to repair and rebuild damaged neural circuits.

Our trained medical professionals monitor every infusion and are available at any moment to assist you. Rest assured that although the experience will be novel, you won’t be facing it alone.