From our previous blogs, you know that the state of brain & heart coherence is characterized by deep inner peace, greater resilience, improved physical health, and solid mental health. Moreover, research shows that the state of coherence can be measured and intentionally achieved.

One of the tools to achieve mental clarity and help you feel more “together” instantly is breathing. It stimulates the vagus nerve, grounding you into your body, helping you feel more whole. Here are some breathing exercises that can help you achieve a state of mind-body coherence within minutes:

1. Allow the Feeling

Focus on your heart. How do you feel? Define that feeling. Is it tense? Overwhelmed? Out of sorts with yourself? Focus on that feeling, no matter how uncomfortable it might feel. Focusing all your attention on the way you feel will amplify it. Allow it freely, this feeling will not hurt you. Now breathe it in. We know, it seems counterintuitive to breathe in something you do not like or enjoy, but this is exactly what we need to do to fully accept it and allow it. If it helps, tell yourself that it is ok to feel this way, that all is well. When that realization sets in, you will already feel better. Now breathe out all the heaviness, all the negativity you do not wish to carry around with you, all the agitation you might be feeling. Then again, breathe in the way you feel, and breathe out all that you do not wish to keep. Continue until you feel clear, calm, at peace. Some emotions will clear within minutes, and some will take a little longer. But regardless of your situation, allowing yourself to mindfully be with your feelings while consciously breathing it in, will help you clear all that you do not wish to keep in your body. You can take it one step further by paying attention to the thoughts that your mind produces as you breathe. You will notice that your mind will start “clearing out” negative thoughts, for example, “It is not fair!” or “How could this ever happen to anybody?!”. Allow all these thoughts to come out and be witnessed by you. When your mind is done clearing, you will notice real ideas that could help you emerge.

2. That One Special Moment 

Remember one good thing that happened to you. Whether that is the moment your child was born, or your graduation, a special moment with your parent or someone special to you. Visualize it in your mind’s eye. Now notice how you feel. Chances are, this visualization will bring about the feeling of gratitude, overwhelming love and appreciation. Now, breathe into this feeling. Imagine it spreading all over your body, like new blood. Hold it for a couple of seconds, and breathe it out, sharing it with the world around you. The more you breathe it in, the more you amplify the feeling, and the more you breathe it out, the more you expand it. Bask in this feeling until you feel like you are done or until you feel your baseline shift. Repetitive practice of positive visualization can substantially shift the way you feel in your day-to-day activities, decrease stress, change the way you think about and respond to life around you.

3. Gratitude 

Look around your life. What do you have in your life / around you that you used to pray for? What do you have in your life that you value? We all have so much to be grateful for, and you do too. Cultivate this feeling of gratitude, feel into it deeper and deeper and breathe it in deeply. Breathe out all access thoughts, doubts, all mental noise, all that is holding you back. Again, cultivate gratitude, breathe it in, hold it for a couple of seconds, and breathe out all that does not serve you or does not bring you joy. Research shows that a consistent practice of gratitude rewires our brain, so repeating this exercise every day can substantially change your perception of your life, and consequently your life experience overall.