A lot of the time, we know exactly what is not working in our life. We are not quite sure how to fix it, but we can clearly see what is out of alignment. And if we have never been in similar situations, we might not even know where to start looking for answers. In this blog post, we will look at 3 practical ways you can find these answers, that can also teach you how coherence feels in your body so that you can replicate this state at will.

All the three tips we will look at are based on subconsciously learning from people who have achieved coherence or wholeness in any given area of life. Please remember, that it is nearly impossible to find people who have reached wholeness in all areas of life, as we are all always growing and evolving.

1. Be around people who feel the way you want to feel or who achieved what you want to achieve in life. 

All people feel differently to us. Some feel powerful, full of life, full of joy, and some feel tired, worn out, empty. Of course, we naturally gravitate towards people that feel better, whose vibe we want to be around. Research shows, that we learn much more subconsciously than consciously, and it happens by observing people around us. Consequently, if we continuously expose ourselves to people we want to be like and feel like, we subconsciously start soaking up their thought patterns, behaviors and their “vibe”-the way they feel.

2. What would it feel like to be them?

In this exercise, we invite you to visualize one of those people. How do they feel to you? Energized, joyful, light, confident? Now imagine being them. What would it feel like for you to be them for a day? Being that person, what would you do in your situation? What would you tell yourself? How would you act? This is a very powerful exercise that “induces” coherence in a subconscious way and teaches you new ways of looking at your situation, new ways of thinking and new ways of acting. The more you practice it, the more you become that better, aligned, fully coherent  version of yourself. 

3. What advice would they give you?

We are very fortunate when we have people in our circle who have mastered themselves and life a little better than us and can give us advice. But a lot of the time, that is not the case. Or people we aspire to be like are far away or simply not available to us. In this case, visualization can do the trick again. Imagine one of these people again. If they were to stand in front of you right now, what would they tell you? If you could ask them questions what would you ask? What would they answer?

What did it feel like to practice these little tricks? Let us know in the comments below. And if you wish to dive into the concept of brain & heart coherence a little deeper, join us for a free workshop this Saturday, February 8th at Loft 1023 Downtown Little Rock. There will be free hors d’oeuvres, free resources, a lot of practice and a warm loving community of like-minded people.

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